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The California Architects Board (Board) requires an oral supplemental examination to become licensed as an architect and to ensure that candidates have the necessary architectural knowledge and skills to respond to the unique conditions present in California.

Prior to taking the CSE, candidates must provide verification of the following:

  • Eight years of post-secondary education and/or work experience as evaluated by the Board; including at least one year of work experience under the direct supervision of an architect licensed in a U.S. jurisdiction, or at least two years of experience under the direct supervision of an architect registered in a Canadian province.
  • Completion of the Board’s Comprehensive Intern Development Program (CIDP) and the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards’ Intern Development Program (IDP) (if applicable)
  • Successful completion of the Architect Registration Examination (ARE)

California Architecture Board for more CSE Info:


California Supplemental Exam preparation is offered three times yearly as a lecture and mock exam. Lecture classes provide an overview of all the test areas of the California Oral Exam including the candidate’s brochure, test plan as well as all the different AIA documents, state codes and regulations. The interactive mock exam simulates the actual Oral Exam. Candidates will practice answering questions from a panel of jurors and receive critiques and tips on taking the exam.

AIASF Page for list of mock exams, lectures and reviews: