Emerging Professionals Committee is dedicated to furthering the professional development of all young architects. Our mission is to create community, support career development and foster the next generation leaders in our profession.

Mentorship Program

The AIASMC and AIA Silicon Valley runs an annual joint mentorship program. Since 2013, the program has aimed to build a network for architectural professionals beyond the office environment and promote personal and professional development in the areas of leadership, mentoring and relationship building. All interested participants are encouraged to attend the Kickoff Meeting in March / April. Please email [email protected] if you did not attend the Kickoff Meeting and would like to participate in this year’s program.

Firm Tours

The AIASMC Emerging Professionals Committee offer a series of firm tours throughout the calendar year to students and new graduates, as well as AIA members & non-members included. The tour offers an opportunity for networking with principal(s) and staff, and understanding the culture of the featured office. There is typically a brief presentation on recent and past projects, followed by a brief Q&A session.

ARE Study Group

The AIASMC and AIA Silicon Valley provides support to Emerging Professionals currently in preparation of taking the ARE 5.0 examinations. We’ll share study notes and exchange best strategies on passing the exam. The sessions are not be focused on any one topic but will be a venue for people to gather and voice questions they might have. The group is open to anyone taking the ARE’s/CSE’s (AIA member or not). Please feel free to invite you friends and co-workers!

Emerging Professional Quick Links