Self Reporting? Make Sure You Get Credit

Especially at this time of year, many members may be submitting self-report forms for courses or other activities that could help them fulfill their annual continuing education requirements. To ensure that you receive your LU credits as quickly and accurately as possible, you must submit the correct form–and do so online.

AIA/CES no longer accepts self-report forms on paper, whether they are mailed or sent by fax. Only online self-report transmissions will qualify for AIA/CES credit.

Here are a few tips for self-reporting your continuing education credits, from the CES Survival Guide:

  • Use the current self-report form. Outdated forms lack some significant information, and you won’t get credit if you use them.
  • Make sure the activity meets AIA/CES criteria. Whether the reported activity is self-designed or a structured program, it must be a planned activity that provides new knowledge that can be applied toward the practice of architecture.
  • Calculate LU hours correctly. If a self-designed activity such as research would qualify for billable hours at your place of employment, it can be self-reported.
  • Check with your state licensing board. Some states do not accept self-designed activities for MCE requirements.

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