Accented by colorful and outdoor-inspired materials, the new Silicon Valley outpost for GoDaddy complements the company’s lively culture and mobile workforce. The free-flowing space is connected by racetrack-themed corridors — complete with push-pedal go-karts that circulate energy throughout the interior. The strategy behind the vibrant space was to create activity-based spaces tailored to its employees. Task-driven furnishings — height-adjustable desks, movable seating pods, and a portable bar — provide the ability to suit the needs of each GoDaddy employee. Opportunities for recreation and downtime were carefully integrated for a seamless experience between work and play, enhancing productivity and creating an inspiring place. In three different locations, terraced, bleacher-style seating makes use of a narrow space between the corridor and the abutting conference rooms — promoting socialization between individuals who are seated and those who are passing by.  With this animated and fluid environment, GoDaddy’s new workplace holistically supports their talented engineers in driving new technologies forward.

Partnering with the users
For GoDaddy’s first full-fledged presence in Silicon Valley, the project team strived to create a unique, culture-inspired workplace — a vision that went beyond the company’s standards and pushed their workplace design forward. Due to the ultra-competitive Silicon Valley labor market, attracting top-talent was a key driver for the company to embrace DES’ progressive design strategies. Once the amenity-rich program was determined,  a balance needed to be met between a scrappy, start-up feel and a more conventional aesthetic that reflected the company’s established market position. The design team worked with GoDaddy’s leadership during face-to-face design charrettes to coalesce behind a refined, industrial appearance. With a stained and polished concrete surface, the circulating racetrack — a nod to GoDaddy’s roots in the racing industry — reflects this balance. In addition to reflecting the companies racing roots, the corridors concentrate activity into one main transportation artery, created a high-energy atmosphere rich with social interactions.

Overcoming Permitting & Schedule Challenges
Due to the large gathering spaces, higher occupant load requirements needed to be met under the California Building Code (CBC), part of these stipulations was the need for a third required exit. By using a fire rated wall to separate the 150-seat multi-use space from the open work stations, our design team met the the requirement for a third exit. To avoid more spaces from being classified as assembly areas, the smaller social spaces integrated flexible work areas. Using creative solutions, the design was quickly modified to meet all code requirements while still meeting the users needs.

The condensed, twelve-week schedule presented a significant challenge for the contractor. Implementing integrated project delivery, the contractor and architect worked hand-in-hand daily to review and manage all construction detailing in the field. When construction challenges arose, collaboration and quick decision making kept the project on schedule while maintaining the design intent. For instance, the team opted for well-practiced construction methods as opposed to custom finishes — like replacing wood shipping pallets with a slatted wood ceiling — and concentrated major construction work in the social spaces.

Setting Tomorrow’s Design Trends
With a common theme threading together the comprehensive set of spaces, GoDaddy’s new workplace is pushing workplace design standards forward. Completed on a modest tenant improvement budget, the design was disciplined and focused while reflecting the companies culture and inspiring creativity.