Pinon Ranch

Along the edge of the Los Trancos Forest, Pinon Ranch appears to emerge from amongst the trees. Gabled forms cantilever over the hillside, anchored by foundations that step back from the roots ensuring that no trees were removed. The residence is organized around two gabled volumes which house the private and shared spaces, and a music studio which drifts out to form a third. Drawing inspiration from the spaces between the clusters of Oaks, the spaces between the structures echo the break in the trees, and invite pause and a place to sit. A glass entry foyer connects the bedrooms and living spaces, while the covered outdoor patio and pool terrace mark the connection between the main house and the music studio. Together, these in-between spaces guide the flow of the house from one space to the next, and shape the views and access to the landscape.

Throughout the design process, the house became a case study on how to work with topography, thread program between trees, and bring to life a place for the whole family to enjoy. Each of the family’s passions became our passions as we set out to design a home for the harmony of horses, guitars, dogs, and trumpets – all of which compose the story of this special place.