The Central + Wolfe Campus

Project Description

Inspired by the dynamic relationship of converging biomes in California’s Santa Clara Valley, the 18-acre, LEED Platinum-certified, Net-Zero Energy-ready Central + Wolfe Campus reimagines the traditional Silicon Valley workplace. This curvilinear, concrete-and-glass campus unites three building “petals” to form a single, clover-shaped facility, and serves as a Research and Technology Park.

The complex has a sweeping, faceted facade with floor-to-ceiling glass that unites three office wings to form a single, clover-shaped facility. Each of the building “petals” has four floors of office space resting atop a floor that houses secure entry lobbies with cafés, coffee bars and other amenities, and a two-story, naturally ventilated parking podium. These office buildings appear to float above the third-floor entry bridge porte-cochères, which resemble giant porches and give passersby clear views into the heart of the campus.

Furthermore, large, elliptical floor plates promote collaboration among occupants. Sixty-foot-wide occupied spaces link the interior workspaces across three floors, essentially creating a single, contiguous workplace that help break down psychological barriers to interaction and encourage chance encounters to spur innovation. The clover-like form and massing of the building with courtyards at the center of each petal helps to break up an otherwise large floor plate and ensure equitable daylight and views for all occupants.

Through extensive two-dimensional and complex parametric modeling studies, the glass curtain wall facade appears to be curvilinear but is actually faceted. This supports the original vision for a unique, streamlined skin that distinguishes the office park in the market while allowing for an efficient, cost-effective construction process. The multilayered light shelves―inspired by the layered petals of a buttercup―both shade the building interior from heat gain and glare and assist deeper penetration of daylight into the workplace.

The campus encourages workers to connect to nature through the many outdoor terraces, courtyards and green spaces. The buildings cover less than half the site with the rest devoted to landscaped green spaces, open plazas, sport courts and trails, creating an inclusive and diverse common open space accessible by all.

The campus’ distinctive, highly sustainable design delivers a campus like no other, creating  a lush research and technology park in the heart of Silicon Valley.