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From our Friends at BABSC Bay Area Building Science Collaborative

Thursday, January 25th – 5:30 to 8:00 pm, Mountain View Community Center 201 S. Rengstorff Ave. Mountain View, CA

Imagine taking a thousand years of experience, building and designing homes, and asking all that experience what their best ideas are for making a great home that doesn’t cost a ton of money.  That is what this meeting is all about!!

This session will be a bunch of people who each have NO MORE than 3 minutes to get up in front of the group, slides or any props, big or small, you want to bring are welcome.  This person will then talk about their ideas for building/remodeling a home to get a great result and a great home for LESS money.  Everything is on the table and anybody is welcome to propose any idea they have to give the rest of the group yet another idea on how to make their own homes better.

If you have a great idea, respond to me, David Edwards PhD <[email protected]>  and let me know you would like your 3 minutes in front of the group.  If you know someone who is full of it(great ideas that is!!) LMK and give them a call to ask them to present.

If you have a great topic that you would like to present, please email or call me 408.529.1395 with your topic so that I can make sure that you don’t have the same idea as someone else.  We want this to be a great experience for everybody and having to deliver something that someone already said would stink, so I will make sure that doesn’t happen.

Want to change the world?  Share your ideas with the other BABSC members who are trying to do just that!! 


And if you are a grad student, Join us, we provide free food!!!!

We look forward to seeing you all there,


Image Credit BABSC

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