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Hello SAP Evaluator/Volunteer

This is a courtesy email from the CalOES Safety Assessment Program, in which you are a evaluator/volunteer for.  For the past year, SAP, along with its private and public partners, have been working on a programmatic modernization project and have begun the process of transitioning our database and physical badge credentialing system to the nationally recognized Veoci EM Operation Center platform.  This innovative solution will propel SAP into the digitally secured space of data and credentialing management.  Some upcoming features include online profiles to manage contact details, direct notification for deployment opportunities, and digital housing of SAP badges and certificate of completions to name a few.  We’re attempting to keep this initial outreach email brief; therefore, we understand that the email doesn’t provide a lot of in-depth information.  Mitigation of important issues like offline badges during infrastructure outages and information security will be answered in future correspondences.

It’s anticipated that the first phase of our transition will complete sometime March 2024.  Therefore, during this transition time, we have halted the printing of physical badges.  Individuals can still complete their online refresher course and attend instructor led trainings, it’s just that a certificate of completions will be sent in lieu of badges.  When the new online system is live, all will receive their SAP badge or Certificate of Completions digitally within your platform account.

What does this mean for you as an evaluator/volunteer?  A few things prior to going live:

  1. In the coming months, you will start to receive several notifications from us.  This will include a contact verification request, how to view, download/store your new digital badge or certificate of completion , and a testing of the contact system to name a few.
  2. You will be asked to create an account with Veoci and update your contact information and if you’ve been previously issued a badge, a new badge photo.
    1. Links for the online web portal/app will be sent from us to download.
    2. Primary contact should be your personal phone and email with your work email and phone being secondary.
  3. As a heads up, there will be changes to the SAP ID numbering system and your SAP ID number will likely change.  We are going to keep the legacy numbers on file, but the new system requires different nomenclature.

If at any time you have any questions/comments/concerns, feel free to reach out to us.  We are really excited for this new phase for SAP  and thank you for your patience in this transition as we look forward to rolling out the new solution in 2024.


 Safety Assessment Program Administrator/State Coordinator

California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services

Desk: 916-328-7711  Mobile: 916-539-5245

Cal OES Safety Assessment Program webpage

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