278 University

Located at an intersection in downtown Palo Alto, this new mixed use office and retail building of approximately 23,000 SF replaces the existing unreinforced masonry structure. The program required the demolition of an existing two-story, un-reinforced masonry building listed on the local community’s Seismic Hazards list and replace it with a four-story, mixed use office retail building approximately 23,000 SF.

The new building reinforces the corner of the block with increased height and creates a welcoming retail image on University Avenue and Bryant Street by means of the two-story retail wall. Pedestrian-friendly interaction with the building is encouraged through the use of clear glass windows, canopies and a rhythm of openings along the sidewalks. Connectivity is emphasized through the use of large windows at each floor. Six roof terraces are distributed around the building on the third and fourth floors to provide opportunity for connections from the office areas to the street levels or balconies below.

Timeless and durable materials are used including honed stone cladding, integrally colored plaster, frameless glazing, custom, narrow-sightline steel frame windows with high performance clear glazing, and aluminum composite panel cladding.

The building incorporates sustainable materials, including high efficiency glazing systems, abundant day-lighting and efficient mechanical systems as well as cool roofs contribute to a LEED Silver target.