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Important Legislative Updates from The Atlas Edge


  • PASSED: Ordinance 210699: Requires ADU projects to submit notice to the Rent Board and all tenants, providing tenants with a 30 day timeline to dispute the project and giving the Rent Board 90 days to make a determination.
    • This is already creating problems. We encourage you to keep contacting Supervisor Mandelman’s office to let him know his legislation needs to be amended.
  • PASSED: Ordinance 211096: Requires landlords to allow tenant organizing activities to occur on common areas of the building, attend meetings on request, and provide rent reductions if they refuse to attend.
  • PASSED: Ordinance 210603: Provides commercial tenant eviction protections to business that were legally prohibited from operating during COVID.
    • This was passed on 8-4-21.
  • PASSED: Ordinance 210934: Extends the deadline for the Accessible Business Entry compliance by 2 years.
  • PASSED: SB 9: Requires 2-unit projects in single family zones be approved ministerially, including lot splits. Also eliminates public hearings in coastal zones. (Approved September 16th)
  • PASSED: SB 10: Allows zoning for up to 10 units on any parcel within transit-rich areas or  at urban infill sites. (Approved September 16th)
  • AB 1329: Would require increased structural requirements for new construction in seismic zones. (Approved by the House but suspended by the Senate in August)
  • SB 6: Would allow housing on any parcel zoned for office or retail uses. (Approved by the Senate, but suspended in the House since August)

There a few CRITICAL pieces of legislation you should know about: (see our website for the full list of HOT Legislation)


  • Ordinance 210116: Proposes to severely limit single family additions of 2,500 sf or over 50% of the gross floor area. (Among other things)
    • This proposal was rejected by the SF Planning Commission and has been heavily redrafted. Now, additions of 4,000 sf or more would be subject to conditional use.
  • Ordinances 210866 and 211202 and 211234: These are competing proposals to increase density in RH zones to 4 units. All are under review.
  • Ordinance 211092: Would eliminate conditional use requirements when converting auto-oriented uses like gas stations, parking lots, and garages into housing.
  • Ordinance 2111265: Would require landlords to provide tenants with written notice and an opportunity to cure prior to eviction.
  • Ordinance 220130: Would allow collection of tenant signatures to file an appeal of a conditional use approval.
  • Ordinance 220038: Would require installation of automatic sprinklers in existing high-rise apartment buildings. (Generally 7 stories or more)


  • ADU Regulations:  The State has introduced multiple ADU bills for increased height, prohibition of sprinklers, exemptions from solar panels, and changes to the rear/side setbacks (that one is sneaky). See them all HERE
  • AB 2718: Prohibits owner-move-ins if an owner/relative already lives on the property OR if there is a vacancy in the building.
  • AB 2383: Prohibits rental applications from asking about criminal records.
  • SB 1335: Prohibits using credit history to deny housing if the tenant receives subsidies.
  • AB 2234: Requires building permits to be streamlined and require digital permit submittals.
  • AB 2597: Requires cooling in all dwelling units, or defines them as substandard units.
  • AB 1174: Allows development projects to be approved and valid indefinitely.
  • AB 2170: Would require properties with 1-4 units going through foreclosure to be considered for owner-occupants for the first 30 days.

There is a lot more where that came from. Read all the updates HERE

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