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California Architects for Livable Communities Political Action Committee (CALC PAC)

Frequently Asked Questions

 What is CALC PAC?

California Architects for Livable Communities Political Action Committee (CALC PAC) – a bipartisan organization run by and for architects that supports political candidates who understand issues important to the architectural profession and in support of the built environment in California.

What is CALC PAC’s purpose?

CALC PAC financially supports political candidates sympathetic to architects’ interests and the built environment. This support can help ensure that elected officials know and are willing to champion architectural issues.

Is CALC PAC important in the design and construction industry?

Yes, California, has one of the most active legislatures in the nation. A strong PAC provides architects with opportunities to network and collaborate with other industry professionals and legislators. Building relationships in this way can help architects stay informed about relevant issues and have a greater impact on decision-making processes.

Are my AIA dues used to fund CALC PAC?

In the past, CALC PAC campaigns have focused on various individuals and architectural firms who have been consistent supporters. However, issues are escalating and require a significant and sustained level of support. From climate emergency to issues impacting the business of architecture – we could no longer put the responsibility on so few individuals and the AIA CA Board of Directors recently voted to earmark $10 of each member’s dues for CALC PAC.

Is this contribution to CALC PAC part of my AIA dues required?

Yes, California state law requires notification and an option to direct your contribution to AIA California’s general advocacy program. Should you decide to allow $10 to be earmarked specifically for CALC PAC, just pay your dues when you receive your renewal notice. As a duty to our members, annual reviews of CAL PAC contributions and funds will be presented. If, at any time in the future, you wish to change your support for CALC PAC (and direct it to general advocacy efforts), please contact Nicki Dennis Stephens, Executive Vice President, AIA CA via e-mail at [email protected] or telephone at (916) 448-9082.

Are contributions to CALC PAC tax deductible?

No. All contributions and gifts to the CALC PAC are considered voluntary political contributions and are not tax-deductible.

How much can an individual or entity contribute to CALC PAC each year?

Contributions from any individual or entity ay not exceed $9,100 in any single year.

Who decides how CALC PAC contributions are spent?

CALC PAC is administered by a Board of Trustees comprised of 11 AIA members (five members of the Executive Committee and five donors to CALC PAC and the AIA CA Executive Vice President). They analyze opportunities to support candidates and make decisions based on insight and recommendations from local AIA components and the AIA CA advocacy team. AIA members are welcome to provide input on candidates and are often asked to represent the organization at political events.

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